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This site contains software and information relating to natural language text. You can download some free programs for use in literary and linguistic computing. These allow you to create your own word lists (vocabulary tables), produce concordances, and to search for collocations.
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Simple Concordance Program
SCP - Simple Concordance Program 5.0.8 (UPDATED 7th April 2024), Windows/MacOS/Linux and legacy versions for Windows and MacOS X(Intel), for other operating systems please email me at a.reed@talk21.com
This FREE program lets you create word lists and search natural language text files for words, phrases, and patterns. SCP can handle texts in English, French, German, Polish, Greek, Russian, Mandarin etc. You can create your own alphabets for other languages too. Click HERE for the licence agreement.

CLOC Collocation Package
CLOC Collocation Package
This FREE program lets you find the collocates of a given word. These are the words that occur in close proximity to the word you have chosen. CLOC can also produce word lists, and concordances of words and phrases.

Occitan Concordance
Concordance de l'Occitan médiéval (COM)
This is information about a commercial CD-ROM containing the reference source of Occitan, developed by the late Professor Peter Ricketts and published by Brepols , ISBN 2-503-51159-7 .
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